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Vermont Telecommunications Relay Service is provided by Sprint


The Vermont Equipment Distribution Program (VTEDP) is funded by the state of Vermont to help income-eligible Vermonters who have trouble using a telephone and need adaptive equipment. The equipment is not owned by the individual requesting it. To qualify, applicants must provide proof that they have a disability requiring adaptive telephone equipment to use the phone service, and income that is below the federal poverty guidelines for their household size. The VTEDP will purchase up to $750 of equipment for qualified individuals.

Examples of equipment that can be funded by the EDP includes (but is not limited to): 

  • Captioned Telephones

  • Voice carry-over and Hearing carry-over telephones

  • Incoming and/or Outgoing Voice Amplified Phones

  • Software/Hardware for Video Relay Services

  • Switch Adapted Phones and Headsets

  • TTYs, large visual display TTYs, Braille TTYs, TTY software for personal computers 

  • Ringer amplifiers and flasher devices 

  • Neckloops, bed shakers, and other accessories

To get a VTEDP application or get further information on program guidelines: 

Click below to download the EDP Application and Income Guidelines forms.

EDP Application Form

EDP Income Guidelines